Yes, we all in national capital of India are breathing poison day in and day out. Forget about quitting smoking think about quitting breathing at all. If Chinese capital is under red alert due to air pollution, then our beloved city is racing to beat all level of air pollution. From city doctors to Hon’ble Supreme Court of India, every reliable source has condemned the situation that is surely and slowly killing the residents of Delhi.

If you still have some doubts and wondering how bad the situation is then take a look at NowCast, which is U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s latest algorithm to track air quality data. This data shows the latest condition of air quality.

So, to fight this menace and to ensure that the air quality of the capital of India is improved, the ruling government of Arvind Kejriwal has come up with an EVEN ODD formula for vehicles running in Delhi. As per this rule, Delhi roads will be seeing vehicles with Odd and Even numbers on every alternate day. This rule will be implemented from 1st Jan and this is a borrowed idea from Beijing, China where this rule was implemented in 2008. And, the fine for breaking this rule can be up to Rs. 5000 and also a good possibility of getting your car impound.

After the initial backlash on social media and other channel, the government has decided to have a trial period for this rule. So, now this rule will be implemented for 15 days to see how things run in capital with half cars on roads.

It is no doubt a noble idea and a much required initiative to control the air pollution in Delhi but, will the residents of the capital will be able to function normally without their cars?

Is the public transport system in the city is ready to take the load?

Is it the right way to handle the situation?

And, Is it the right kind of solution?

Well, nothing can be conclusively said but, here is a video of Delhi’s Aam Aadmi whose life is nothing but Aam.

Video Courtesy: FunkyFlunky