This is a Panda that reminds me of my mean sibling, cousin, best buddy, and that annoying classmate whose mommy used to pack the best lunch. Why? Because, these were the people who never, I repeat NEVER adhered to the rule, sharing is caring. These are the people whose Ninja skills in protecting their food is enviable, admirable, and of cause, annoying at the same time. The admirable thing about these people is that they are clear with their priorities; the enviable thing is that not everyone can be this clear about their priorities and choices; and the annoying part is their outrageous behaviour just like of this panda.

This panda has sorted out his life; he loves his food, knows how to enjoy it, and is not ready to share it with anyone. Check this video and you will also learn a skill or two.

Video Courtesy: People’s Daily 人民日报