Men who are yet to learn how to defend a woman should take a lesson from this toddler from China. When the officials from the urban management force tried to confront his grandmother to remove her street stall, this toddler believed to be about 3-year-old picked up a steel pipe twice his size and stood in front of the officials to defend his grandmother.

This video has been shared by YouTube channel of People’s Daily 人民日报 where the kid can be heard shouting,

Don’t touch my grandma! Go away, don’t touch my grandma!

The kid seems so angry in the video that when one of the officials helped him to sit down on a couch, he gets all the more agitated and jumps up from the couch. Though the onlookers and bystanders including the officials could not help but laughing on his adorable anger but the kid clearly meant business.

Video Courtesy: People’s Daily 人民日报

Lesson learnt: Do not mess with his grandmother.