I can’t stress this title enough! Who isn’t bogged down by the magnanimous Monday blues ? Whether you are a student or a working professional, everyone just hates Mondays! But a great way to beat the Monday blues and the week ahead is to just laugh it off! And so, we did that literally sorry virtually.

Here are some cool gifs that totally nail the whole rude awakening feeling!

You, on a Sunday night!

The task of waking up! 

 Monday, I hate you!

You be like, bring it on!

Almost immediately, you realise, it aint gonna work, dayum you Monday!

In the middle of a meeting. 

Then you pretend you are working. 

And when someone tries to ask you something!

After lunch, when you struggle to stay awake! 

Second half is totally like this! 

Why isn’t the day getting over? 

On coffee breaks. 

And when you can’t take no more!

You when the day is about to get over!

Almost there! 

The last five minutes!

Time’s up, you did it. 

And then. 

The best part about Monday is when it is over! 

Feel better. Here is a little recap of your weekend excitement :)