Gyms, heaven for hunks and hot chicks, and absolutely hazardous for average humans who eats normal food does the normal physical activity and survives by staying away from anything life-threatening. In simple words, an average human being with average life troubles and not willing to add anything more on their platter avoids going to gym, unlike the macho people. A gym is a beautiful place with equipment that can transform one’s life to make them look like their photoshopped version. But, at the same time, the equipment can behave like baby Decepticon cousins of Megatron from Transformers and suck the life out of you in seconds.

These machines coupled with human stupidity are enough to cause trouble of oneself as well as others in a gym and this is the reason why normal people should stay away from a gym. Because machines may have their limitations but people do not have any limitations when it comes to stupidity. To prove this point here are a couple of visual evidence that will tickle your bones and explain to you why the gym is not a good idea.

#It is great till the support system lasts. But, you can’t be sure till when it lasts. 

#Treadmill or Missile Launcher? 

#What was he thinking? 

#I am not a gym goer, but I am sure she is wrong on many levels!

#Not his mistakes, his ambitions were a little too high.

#All I want to know is, what do you call this exercise?

# Treadmill is not designed for 2 people to work-out at the same time. But, adventure seekers knows-no-boundaries. 

#Chicken legs?

# You should know where to stop.

# Also, beautiful distractions can be painful.

# Is he stupid or too smart? 

Thanks to all these people, I will not be seeing any gym anytime soon.