Who doesn’t like Joey Tribbiani? This absolutely clueless character from the popular 90s TV show FRIENDS is the kind of friend that everyone deserves. After all, he is the kind of person who lives in the moment, doesn’t think twice before saying or doing anything and is always there to cheer you up. His carefree attitude and his subtle modesty (pun intended) can make anyone fall in love with his mannerism.

Yes, we all need a Joey in our lives and if you still think he is not who you want in your life, then here are reasons enough to convince you otherwise:

#1. You Need Someone Who Has The Basic Principles Right:

#2. Who Is Always Ready And Excited For Everything:

#3. Someone Who Is More Awkward Than You Are:

#4. Somebody Who Never Grows Up And Will Not Let You Grow:

#5. With Whom Life Is  A Party:

#6. A Somebody Who Can Behave Smart (Albeit Sometimes):

#7. Somebody Who Can Dance To Any Of Your Tunes (No Matter How Much You Are Off-Tune):

#8. Someone Who Is Powerful To Protect You:

#9. Someone Not Afraid To Apologize:

#10. Someone Who Feels This Way About You (There I Go AWWW):

#11. And Finally, Who Looks This Good Even After Aging And Still Feels Like This:

Now, you know why you need a Joey in your life. :)

Gif Courtesy: Giphy

Cover Picture Courtesy: Facebook