Mid-week happens to be one of the most difficult times for any human being. You are right at the middle of the gone weekend and the coming weekend. The hangover of the gone weekend is sadly over and coming weekend seems like moving in at the speed of 2 millimetres per hour.

Though every person loves to believe that they have their own strategy to sail through mid-week crisis but, the fact of the matter nothing is different, we all feel the same way.

You ask me how? Well, here are some animal gifs that aptly displaces the struggle that one goes through during the mid of the week.

Begin By Rolling Of The Bed:

Mental Preparedness To Face The World Like A Pro:

Getting Ready And Looking Good Do Not Go Together In Mid Week:

Free Ride Is The Best Idea Ever:

How I Expect To Do Some Extra Work To Cover The Weekend:

How I End Up Doing My Pending Work:

Anything!! Absolutely Anything Can Trigger My Nerve:

Lunch Time Means The Day Is Almost Over:

But, During Post Lunch The Real Struggle Begins:

Some More Work Or At Least Pretend To Work:

Small Breaks Won’t Hurt:

Day Over!! Time To Go Home:

Well, The Above Image Is The Expectation. The Reality How I Get Home Is This:

Happy mid-weeks peeps. Remember, you are not alone in this. 

Image Courtesy: Tumblr