Having a friend who loves food is like a blessing in disguise. As much as you get to hog on sumptuous dishes and explore new joints, you just end up hitting on your diet as well as pockets! But, the best part with a foodie friend is, it is easier to deal with their mood swings and bad days. Because, whether they are happy, sad, excited, anxious or plain depressed, just bring them food, it does all the magic. And, when they are not eating, they are talking or dreaming food!

If you have a friend who is the ultimate foodie or becoming one, you are going to relate to everything we have here!

To all foodies.  :)

They tell you about all kinds of popular as well as upcoming eateries, restaurants and food festivals.

You have been a part of all their weird culinary experiments.

When they see food, they are uncontrollable.

You just can’t get them to talk about healthy diet. Try it.

Their fondest memories are not with people or of vacations, but just food.

When going out, everything starts and ends with food.

You will never be hungry with them. Though they are perpetually hungry.

They are loaded with Joey Tribbiani food instincts.

Be it a wedding, funeral or a birthday, their only concern is THIS! 

When someone mistakenly eats their food. 

It’s okay foodie fellas, it’s always fun hangin’ out with y’all and besides….

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Gif Source: Giphy, Tumblr