Life will be so amazingly sorted if you knew what exactly you want, when you want and just be confident about everything in general, right? Just like adults are supposed to be like. Sounds pretty simple but a person who is forever confused will understand the torture when it comes to deciding on something. Be it planning a vacation or a weekend or choosing between two colours or planning the entire day, anything that involves even an iota of decision-making prowess can freak you out! Because despite being an alleged adult, you cannot decide or plan anything, like ever. Or let’s just put it this way – you s*ck at making decisions or super comfortable with “I am confused” state of mind. Well, if you are the confused one, you aren’t alone in this or if you know a super confused soul, just pass these on and share some good laughs!

15 minutes of shopping does this to you.

When someone tries to explain directions to you, and minutes later, this!

When you have to decide between a movie and a music concert.

Your reaction when someone asks you tea or coffee.

When you have been appointed as the person to decide the menu.

When you are trying to order something at the restaurant.

When someone asks you if you are sure about this!

You absolute have no idea about saving time or multi tasking!

Your patent reaction to any  question.

This, when your friend just explained something serious.

Confused or not, you guys are just hilarious!

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