World is judgemental! Everyone has an opinion, be it family, friends, acquaintances, and even strangers. They think they have a right to judge us just by having a 2 minute introductory small talk with us.

And if you’re a smoker, you’ve probably been judged by every other person out there, except maybe your smoking buddies. So much so that some smokers are terrified of smoking in front their friend’s mom, or their crushes, or any random aunties. If you belong to a typical Indian family, you have to hide your smoking habit, because when they find out that you smoke-you won’t be judged, YOU’LL BE KILLED.

But when you smoke in front of your college peeps, colleagues, cousins, or whenever you don’t give a damn, here’s how you are judged:

“You think you look cool or what?”

Sherlock and Myrcroft

“Heard of lung cancer?” :O

Oh really!

“I don’t date smokers. It’s me or smoking.”

“YOLO dude! How can you waste your life like this?”

“Nothing, I just thought you were a nice person. So disappointed.”

You don't want to talk about it!

“I’ve tried it, but I never really understood what’s so amazingly addictive about it.”

Ahh! Sweat freedom…

“Your lips won’t be kissable anymore!”

You think am a sleeping beauty and I care for a kiss???

“Why don’t you try nicotine patches or gum?”

Why don't you just shut up!

To all the mockery, warnings and sarcasm every smoker goes through, here’s what we gotta say:

chuck it