Our society is full of people (mostly relatives) who excels in asking questions that have no logical answers and leaves the victim uncomfortable and embarrassed. Question like, how is your studies going? What’s up with you these days? Why don’t you have friends? Why are you always on the computers? Etc. often make us wonder what exactly the right answer to them is. And, then if you happen to be nice, polite, friendly, and open about your relationship status then comes the Godfather of all weird questions,

Why are you still single?

There is no answer in this world that can actually satisfy anyone who asks this question. But, we came across some of the wittiest answers that people replies to this question on Quora, the Q&A forum.

Here are the best 10 witty and epic come back replies by people.

1. No one can argue this.

“Because Gotham needs me”

2. Bitter truth of love life.

“I met my soulmate. She didn’t.”

3. Now, beat this reply.

“My mail order spouse is stuck at customs clearance.”

4. Wait for it !!!

“I am single by choice, but not mine.”

5. Numerically speaking.

“Being single is better than being double or triple or quadruple or pentuple or n-tuple.”

6. This one makes a lot of sense.

I am on savings mode.

My dad asked me to save money. Whats better than staying single.
No need for credit loading
No ned to buy new dress to impress
No need to waste money on dates.

7. Boys, remember this one.

“I am the hero every girl deserves, but not the hero every girl needs right now.”

8. This one for the nerds like me.

“Name one married superhero.”

9. If you can’t convince them, confuse them.

“The one for me is also single.”

10. After all the drama that love involves, this one seems to be the apt answer to why you are still single?

“Lucky, I guess.”

Now, at least I have a smart answer to that revolutionary question. 😉

Story Inputs: Quora