From the time The Royals announced their India tour, the whole world has been gung-ho about it. Right from Kate’s Marilyn Monroe moment, their Kaziranga stay, their adorable meeting with the underprivileged kids, everything has been extensively covered, written and talked-about like how. We don’t blame anyone, the royal feast of the royal tour was worth every mention!

Besides Kate’s gorgeous selection of dresses, there’s one thing which is taking the internet by storm. Everyone’s talking about it, sharing it and even making memes about it. Guess what? It’s the legendary handshake between our beloved Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi and Prince Williams.

Thanks to the paparazzi, there are a zillion of photographs that captured Prince William’s superb reactions, expressions and the hand.

Check out these crazy photographs and you will know what got the netizens!

In Action…

prince williams and modi handshake

While we Indians are real proud of our mighty and brawny Modi Ji and his 56 chest size, but looks like the Prince didn’t see this coming!

modi and prince williams handshake

And now this panoramic shot! Kate standing unassumingly, and well, Prince Williams, just realized the grip!

Prince williams, kate and modi

That moment that made history is undoubtedly going to be the talking point in years to come.