Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s wax statue became a hot topic for netizens when it was announced. After a lot of buzz creation around it, the figurine is ready and our Prime Minister has already taken a picture with it.


Three of his wax statues have been installed in Singapore, Hong Kong and Bangkok and one of them will be put up in London in the next eight days. Each statue cost £150,000 (Rs 1.5 crores each) and took four months to be made.


Dressed in his trademark cream-coloured chooridar kurta and sleeveless jacket, with his ‘namaste’ pose, PM Modi’s statue will be placed with the likes of US President Barack Obama, British Prime Minister David Cameron, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French Francoise Holland in London.


While this is a huge achievement for Modi, Twitter could not handle two PMs standing next to each other. Netizens as always did not leave a chance to make fun of the wax statue and memes started floating in as soon as the picture surfaced.


Remember when Modi giving measurements for the statue made way for many memes? Well, this time it is double the number and twice as funny.

Have a look at how Twitter reacted to Modi’s epic pose with his wax statue: