Dirty Adult Jokes

It’s true. Some men don’t like adult dirty jokes, but I think you’ll find that most men love them. Even guys who appear very conservative at first look will often surprise you with a joke that they spring on you.

Why do men like adult dirty jokes? Simple. Most men like to laugh. At an early age, most men are exposed to bathroom humour and another juvenile humour. Their fathers sometimes tell them, or they may hear them from their friends. For whatever reason, it never seems to wear off. They go through their whole lives appreciating bathroom humour, juvenile humour, and another humour.

It’s also kind of like being part of a secret club. It’s kind of a bonding thing. When guys share adult dirty jokes, they are opening up to each other, sharing a laugh, and experiencing a brief connection. Women wouldn’t appreciate such an exercise in bonding – it’s a guy thing.

Jokes are also often shared during times when men are together for manly activities such as at the bar, hunting, working on cars, golfing, etc. Humour is always part of these experiences and adult dirty jokes often play a role.

Explaining why men like adult dirty jokes are analogous to explaining why a man climbs a mountain or why a man scratches himself. There is no easy answer. It’s just part of being a man. In short, it’s a guy thing. They are not for every man, but they simply a part of life for others.

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Featured Image: HUFFPOST
Source by Franklin D Pierce