We will put this as straight as possible – do men gossip more than women? Yes, you read it right. The question is not do men gossip or not but do they do it more that their female counterparts.

The answer is yes – men can ‘out gossip’ women any day of the week and twice on a Sunday!

How did this happen? How did the delicate balance of the world resting on women’s capacity to chatter and gossip tilt toward men blabbering? It would suffice to say that, weather permitting, both sexes gossip as much as possible.

So, since when did men start gossiping? While every man seems to be an authority on the subject of woman’s gearing skills, there are few who would accept it that men seem to be doing it better than their subjects.

Men and women gossip about different things, and, needless to say, it’s the idea of what one gossips about that makes it ‘acceptable’.

While women may gossip about the neighbor or everyday things, it’s men who indulge in gossip to boost their egos. Sure it sounds strange, but hey, it’s been scientifically proven. In a survey conducted for the American Psychological Society results shows that women are or inclined to pass on tittle-tattle to bond with friends and build a closer relationship with colleges but men were a different story altogether.

While men do not confess, they enjoy gossiping as much as women, and they definitely get more out of gossiping than women. Men try and get a kick out of gossiping as they feel superior and better when they criticize someone else’s actions.

Deriving a sense of moral one-upsmanship, gossiping allows men to indulge in banter about secret liaisons, inept lovers or even overpaid colleges providing them with an opportunity to illuminate the difference between right and wrong.

Men pooh-pooh women’s gossip saying that usually it’s trying to bitch about the third missing friend and her atrocious taste in clothes, accessories or even men. It’s just trying to win reciprocal trust and nothing more than that.

But men have cracked it. For them it’s entertaining each other without meaning any harm, influencing one another’s opinion without meaning any harm, exciting important information without meaning harm, setting the rules right without meaning any harm and last but not the least learning from one another’s mistakes … without meaning any harm.

So why does gossip, such a powerful and beneficial thing, evoke a more negative image when it comes to men? Why in spite of the sheer numbers is it still considered a bad thing? Most people would agree that lying is incorrect and usually gossip begins with the classic ‘have you heard …’ line.

Gossip thrives on other people’s misfortunes and that’s what men seem to have gotten a drift of, ergo men gossip more. Universally men propagated the notion of women’s gossip being just an indulgence or centuries; which wise men knew it ‘work against them when they traveled the same path?

Men always gossiped more than women. Historically men are the original I-can-do-it-better-than-you species. So to think that this new phenomenon would be fooling ourselves. Understanding the benefits and the advantages of the grape wine, men have made gossiping as art. After all do not we call it social networking nowdays!

Source by Gautam Chintamani