An occasion is celebrated not only to have fun but also make it memorable. While one can employ so many other methods to make an occasion memorable, cutting a delicious cake can be a cool way of doing it. A simple touch of innovation in the design of the cake and a little care in preparing the materials can make it the talk of the town.

Long after the celebration is over, people may talk about the cake; and this way the occasion will be there in the mind of people for a long time. Thus, a cake can be so effective, if used properly. There are so many ways in which celebration cakes can be given a cute look. Be it a wedding cake or a birthday cake, a little creativity will be enough to make it different and worthy of discussion.

Wedding cakes generally come in topping with the cut-out of the bride and the groom in the wedding dress. This is an age-old tradition and many people like to have cakes with such topping. Yet, innovation can be bought in such cakes by using original clothes or an attire more casual. Traditional wedding cakes also can be given a different look using other out of the box toppings.

In the same way, other celebration cakes also can be made different by using a little creativity. Another occasion that is celebrated by most people is birthdays. From kids to adults, everyone’s birthday is celebrated religiously. So, it is not very easy to give a birthday cake a completely unique look. Yet, it can be made suitable to the age and personality of the ‘birthday baby’.

In case of children, the cake can be given the shape of playground or a school building. Then the cake can be given a personalized look by designing the topping after some Disney character or the favorite personality of the children. Celebration cakes for other occasions can also be given a unique look by adding creativity in the design.

Source by Daniel Hudson