The annual day of love is finally over. All the expectation, anticipation, preparation, planning, hype, pre-reservations, gift selection, surprises, and most importantly, weekend (the Deadpool weekend and if your girl watched the Deadpool with you then she is the one, Marry Her). Anyway, back to the point, the week has begun and so is your mundane life, work, office, study, parents, and the regular friends who don’t wait for Valentine’s Day to rob you off.

They say love is intoxicating and, yes like any other intoxication it has hangover. The way lack of love makes you feel something unpleasant, overdose of love is also harmful. Just like on Valentine’s Day when you had an overdose of love, red, pink, sugar, and everything mushy. Now that V Day is gone, we are giving you reality check of your daily life.

#1. Back To Work:

#2. That Bossy Boss:

Fun weekend with love, now face this!

#3. Bank Balance:

Expensive gifts, fancy dinner, outing, and voila, No Money Left.

#3. Relationship Post V Day:

No money to go out at least for a month.

#4. Lunch:

Yes, welcome back to office. Now, you have time just to eat your pending work and nothing else.

#4. Dinner:

Remember those expensive four digit food bill at those super expensive restaurants. Hail pizza for keeping you alive for the rest of the month.

By the way, love hurts and some more during Valentine’s!