Crushes (no no!! You are reading it wrong, not Crushers its CRUCHES) is one of the most tickling, titillating, and exciting part of youth. In fact, it can be safely said that it is a happy part of life (if you keep it that ways and not pursue it further). The good part of having a crush is your heart gets filled with happy thoughts; you think you are smiling but you give weird expressions; and once in a while if that crush acknowledges the fact that you exist by smiling at you casually or exchanging pleasantries than believing that your purpose on earth is fulfilled. The sad part of having a crush is you allow yourself to believe that he/she is the reason for your happiness and starts building up fictions in your head. These are the normal God-fearing citizens.

And then, there are some who are determined to either have it all or simply screw up what does not exist by trying to draw attention on their crush. If you want to migrate to this category from the former category, then here is an instant guide to draw attention of your crush.

Stare!!! Oh Sorry, I mean make eye contacts

Be Loud To Be Audible

Dress Loud To Stand Out

Try To Be (Act) Smart To Charm

Leave An Impression With Conversation

Care For Them (Or At Least Pretend That You Care)

Sound Romantic By Quoting Fifty Shades Of Grey Or Twilight

Sing Romantic Songs (Kill The Song, Literally)

Give Personalised Gifts

Wink Like A Creep

P.S. These Tricks May Not Work Unless You Are Brad Pitt Or Robert Pattinson Or Angelina Jolie Or Rosie Huntington-Whiteley.

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