It is hard to resist charm, beauty, grace, and elegance of a woman. And, absolutely impossible to suppress the urge to flirt which is fine as long as you do not end up looking too desperate. Healthy flirting is something that we all enjoy once in a while but knowing what is healthy flirting is a rare quality that both genders face.

When to approach? How to start a conversation? When to make a move? How to let the lady know that you are interested in her? Are, only a few questions that bother many people. Well, there is no sure shot formula on flirting but here are few things that men should avoid doing that usually creeps out ladies.

#1. Do Not Explicitly Show Your Excitement. 

#2. Be Subtle, Do Not Try To Show Your Smooth Moves. The Girl Can Very Well Sense What You Are Trying To Do.

#3. Do Not Make It Obvious That You Are Checking Her Out. Please.

#4. Do Not Flaunt Your Sexual Appeal. This Might Get You A Restraining Order. 

#5. The Way To The Lady’s Heart Is Not Through Stomach, Mind You. 

#6. Do Not Show Desperate Efforts. 

#7. Do Not Pop-Up Too Many Questions In An Effort To Strike A Conversation.

#7. Do Not, Please Do Not Keep Bragging About Yourself To Gain Attention. 

#8. Do Not Jump On Any Conclusion. Take One Step At A Time.

In conclusion, just one request to all men out there, just don’t do anything to make her run again.

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