When a 6-year-old kid asked his father for a $20 allowance, his father decided to teach him one important financial lesson.

That is, “Son, money does not come easy and you need to plan things related to it.”

This champion of perfect parenting handed his son an official rejection letter and it is epic. The letterhead says, the bank name is ‘DAD Savings and Loans’ with a tagline ‘Because, apparently I look like I’m made of money.’ This bank letter gives detailed reasons as to why the demand of this 6-year-old got rejected and these reasons included insufficient funds, not helping in household chores, and a spending of $80 on something called ‘discretionary entertainment expenses’.

Furthermore, this letter says in case the 6-year-old has any complain he should talk to his mother who is the dispute manager.

Read the whole of the letter here which has gone viral on various social media sites.

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Well said, gentleman.

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