If there is a celebration, there must be music. And when it is Christmas celebrations, other than sumptuous turkey buffets, beautiful Christmas trees, carols, and rum cakes, Christmas songs and Christmas movies rule the roost. It’s fun watching classics or listening to good ‘ol Christmas songs when you have the entire family together. Thankfully, classic rock musicians and some from the newer lot have done their bit to make this time of the year all the more musically wonderful and vibrant, courtesy their smashing Christmas songs. From Freddie Mercury, Paul McCartney to Mariah Carey and Bryan Adams, they all have blessed us with beautiful Christmas numbers that we love singing, dancing and listening to them over and over again. So, we got this an interesting quiz for you all where we give you some popular Christmas songs and you have to complete the line with the correct word.

You must have heard all of these so it’s going to be simple, trust us.

So, shall we?

Hope you had fun. Merry Christmas everyone!