Who doesn’t get excited on birthdays? Birthdays are awesome for so many reasons out there. You are pampered, surprised, lots of gifts, shopping, drunken parties, and what not? The whole feeling of turning a year older is awesomely mowed by tons of enthusiasm and craziness that follows when you know your birthday is approaching.

Even if it is months away, you are already making plans for the big day, checking out deals on shopping, restaurants and other stuffs. Or if you are not the rambunctious tyke kinds, you will always have this one person in your friend circle who literally starts celebrating their birthday, days (and even months) before the actual day. They have funny ways to remind you about their ‘arrival’ day! They are adorable that way.

Well, if you are this sort, you will love this, or if you have a friend who is uncontrollably crazy about his/her birthday, you are gonna smile big time!

Here you go, some priceless reactions!

Guess what? My birthday is almost here (they mean 2 months away)!  

We gonna party! 

And they expect you to join the madness

They tell people wherever they go! 

When it’s just a week away! 

The time is almost here! 

They almost salivate thinking of the cake!

They imagine their birthdays like this! 

Or like this! 

Oh, the shopping! 

Finally, on their birthday morning!

Maybe afternoon!

And boom, the evening! 

Birthdays are fun! 

Cover image courtesy: Minions Wallpaper 

GIF Courtesy: Giphy.com