Dinosaurs are back and they are making huge money all over the world. With Jurassic World, the extremely talented and versatile Irfan Khan became the 3000 crores Khan and so, there is a good possibility that soon we might see India’s own version of a dinosaur movie. Hey, what do you call a dinosaur with an extensive vocabulary? A Thesaurus. Okay, another one. How do you ask a dinosaur out? Tea-rex?

These jokes on dinosaurs aren’t even close to funny compared to the epic transformation of dinosaur names into Indian-Dino names.

1) Tyrannosaurus Rex- Taraprashad-Rex

Tyrannosaurus Rex- Taraprashad-Rex
Source:Trailer Apple

2) Brachiosaurus- Brijbala-Lal-Rus

Brachiosaurus- Brijbala-Lal-Rus
Source:Pixar Planet

3) Rubeosaurus – Raju-Lavarus

Rubeosaurus - Raju-Lavarus
Source:Lovelace Media

4) Ankylosaurs- Anushkakohli-Saurs

Ankylosaurs- Anushkakohli-Saurs
Source:Irenes Internet

5) Parasaurolophus- Paaras-Patelopus

Parasaurolophus- Paaras-Patelopus

6) Ornithomimids Only-Thaliva-On-Minds

Ornithomimids Only-Thaliva-On-Minds

7) Muttaburrasaurus – LOL this is already Indian!

Muttaburrasaurus – LOL this is already Indian!

8) Unaysaurus – Udaybabarus

Unaysaurus - Udaybabarus

9) Chaoyangsaurus- Chanchad-Ranchoddas

Chaoyangsaurus- Chanchad-Ranchoddas
Source:Telegraph UK

10) Daspletosaurus – Dharmendradeolus

Daspletosaurus - Dharmendradeolus

11) Jaxartosaurus- Jhamunda-Banaras

Jaxartosaurus- Jhamunda-Banaras
Source:Dinostory Land Before Time

12) Lourinhanosaurus- Lokhande-Lal-Bas

Lourinhanosaurus- Lokhande-Lal-Bas
Source:Dpallee Wordpress

13) Pararhabdodon- Pakalu-Putti-Tondon

Pararhabdodon- Pakalu-Putti-Tondon
Source:Alondra-chui- Deviant Art

14) Richardoestesia- Richa-Chadda-Chaurasiya

Richardoestesia- Richa-Chadda-Chaurasiya

Do you have any more dinosaur names to add? Share with us.