You’ve seen him on The Soup and have been thinking about heading to one of his comedy shows to check him out but are not sure what to expect. Well never fear because this article will go over what you can expect at a Joel McHale Stand Up Comedy Show.

Let’s start by saying that Joel McHale is not a typical comedian (he’s an actor) but that doesn’t stop him from being very funny. His humour is very similar to what you get on The Soup – witty, sarcastic and makes fun of very bad television – all of which is spiced up with Joel’s great skill at timing and delivery, and of course those facial expressions of his. Just a raise of an eyebrow is enough to make some of his jokes even funnier.

Of course, he is not the first thing you see when you are separated and the lights go down, the first act is usually a local comedian who comes out to ‘warm up’ the crowd before McHale steps on stage as the headline act.

His routine is very energetic and vivid and he gives it his all in every show – fans will not be disappointed.

The first part of his routine is very similar to an episode of The Soup in which he talks about different celebrities and some of the stupid things they’ve done on television shows. Ryan Seacrest jokes are a major feature of his routine as we all know that McHale usually cannot make it through a show without mentioning him or his height.

The second half of his show is more personal as he talks about his family and his life in more detail and we learn that his real life is just as funny as his on-screen host persona is.

You’ll find out things like his son’s favourite costume to wear at Halloween, how his wife Sarah teases him, and why his grandmother makes sure to watch The Soup even though she does not like it.

Surprisingly it’s really refreshing to hear a comedian talk so honestly about his family and a true testament to Joel McHale’s comedic ability that he can make it so funny at the same time.

At the end of the show, Joel also makes time to meet with fans and sign t-shirts and autographs which proves how person down to earth and personable he really is.

The comedy show is currently travelling around America but he was also recently in Australia to perform for his Australian fans.

Source by Jillian Mackay