We do not even know we’re gossiping when we share juicy tidbits with coworkers, friends, and relatives. We share our opinions about other people and things because we know our view is the right one.

And then there are the deliberate liars. We watch this play out in the news, politicians say things that are not true, journalists slant the facts, celebrities distort their stories, all to make them or their side look better. It’s all become entertainment. It’s all about the numbers, the ratings.

Abusers make ours that their victims are the abusers. Many women end up in jail when they were trying to protect themselves. Alcoholics are happily soused and innocent while their loved ones act insane from living with the pain unmedicated. Narcissists will say anything to secure their reputation.

What about in our own lives? What can you do when people are saying untrue and damaging things about you? Rumors are like wildfires. It’s impossible to stop them by yourself. You can race all over, stomping on this one and that one, and you get engulfed in the flames.

It’s pretty maddening when your ex-tells people they’re leaving you because you’re cold and unsure when in reality they’re having an affair. The family rage-aholic and verbal abuser claims you are the wicked and critical one. Or you’re being scapegoated by your in laws when their drug-addicted family member gets clean and sober and they need another black sheep. The coworker who is stealing tells people that you’re the thief.

For most untruths, you just have to let them die out on their own. Continue to live your life with your head held high. You know the truth of who you are and what really happened.

Yet, the more insidious the lie, the longer it seems to persist, coming to the surface years later.

Families and communities are torn apart by lies. They go on for generations, fiction getting woven into the oral history as fact.

All of this is operating at the ‘bottom of the fish tank’. Patterns and energy that are at the densest level of existence. This is a planet of dichotomies, a realm of polarities, it is meant to be oppositional.

Just because the earth is made of mud and swamps does not mean we have to wallow there.

We can play and enjoy the physical, emotional and mental levels of life without getting enmeshed in them. Suffering occurs when you believe you only exist in these three levels.

As Consciousness, you have created this reality and created the storyline. Family, personal, and cultural history are all part of the story.

Shifting up to Consciousness Perspective, I can see how I created lies and whispers in my life. I created my family background, I chose the aspects of the world that I engage in.

When I shift to living * as * Consciousness, it feels like those denser patterns and energies go away. They become invisible to me as my vibration becomes lighter. In truth, I became invisible to them as well. They can not interact with transparency. There’s no resistance to hook on to.

We are collectively becoming more Conscious. This may feel like our vibration is raising, but to Consciousness, it is coming more into form. You are embodying more as Consciousness.

That’s why you see more love and compassion being expressed in the world. That’s why you notice more misogyny, racism, abuse. We are no longer tolerating the intolerable. A protest is shining a light on the darkness. Shadows disappear in the light.

As Consciousness, you recognize abusers in your life as actors in your movie. When they go off camera (get written out of the storyline) they return to Consciousness. I think that’s why there is so much conflict with abusers in the media today (and those in our lives). They are monsters and they are beings of light. In reality, they are embodying patterns we find monstrous. Love exists in the darkest of places.

As any moment you can step out of those patterns, step away from that story, and into the Light of your own Beingness. You can step into living * as * Consciousness, opening up an infinite amount of choices and actions, different from the ones that felt predetermined by your past.

Living as Consciousness, when lies and whispers resurface, just out of earshot, you can realize that they are revisions of the past but not indicators of your current reality. They have no hold on you, and the finger-pointers have no power over you.

As more of us beginning living as Consciousness, such things fade away. There will always be foundational aspects of this reality. Mud will still exist but mud rakers will not.

You do not have to do anything to the external story. You do not have to tell people the truth. You do not have to change people’s minds. You do not have to make the outside world believe your version.

Change within yourself and the outside world changes. Step back from the drama and watch the truth come to light.

It may require a media blackout for a while, or be taking a break from family rumormongers or friends who gossip. Or it may be a matter of reclaiming your power from the story, or stepping into a new story.

Play with this for the next week, and watch your life transform!

© 2016 Joan M. Newcomb, CPC

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Source by Joan M Newcomb