Here’s the thing … you can actually enhance your moving-going experience by the time you chose to go. Consider these movie situations:

Kid’s Movies: If you’re trying to take a small child to a kid’s movie it may be best to go on a Saturday afternoon. While the reasoning may be self-evident to you it dawned on me one evening when I was trying to take my four year old to the latest Pixar flick. You see, 4-year olds are rather antsy and talkative (especially mine) and when you take them to a kid’s movie where there are predominately adults in the audience – well the analogy of water and oil is good one.

I do not wish to spoil someone else’s movie experience but I want my child to have a good time without me constantly having to correct him through a movie. So, I have discovered that it is a far better thing to take a small child to the theater on Saturday afternoon. During this time the theater is full of other small children babbling and fidgeting. And the rest of the audience is far more comfortable (and tolerant) with the children in this developmental stage. Conversely, if you are an adult who wants to see a kids movie with a minimum of youthful distractions go to the movie any time but Saturday afternoon – weekday evenings are best.

Date Night Movies: I am a big proponent of continuing to date your spouse after marriage. For the unmarried – lots of time together is a good thing too. So date night movies should be planned with care. That is, if possible schedule a movie around a bundle of activities planned for the date. Are you planning dinner, roller-blading, drinks with friends, other activities? Traditionally, date nights are Friday and Saturday evening but if you can break away, any time is a good time for a date. (Hint: want to see how your date reacts / interactions with children? Take them a kids movie on Saturday afternoon (above).)

Creature Features: I do not care what you say horror films just do not have the same effect when you exit the theater before 10:00 pm. If you want the whole experience to be spookier its best to go to that horror flick late-night, mid-week. Rationale: its just creepier to leave that late when there are not as many people around. Also, its better if it’s a bit cooler out. It leaves a better opportunity to snuggle if it happens to be date night.

Source by Daniel Hall