Supermodel Gigi Hadid is making the headlines for her recent calendar shoot in which she’s boldly flaunting her armpit hair. In the video, she’s wearing a skimpy red gym wear for a calendar. On day 11 of  Love Magazine’s Annual Advent Calendar, popular supermodel Gigi Hadid went ahead in a league, where very few supermodels dare to go. The 22-year-old beauty flaunted her boxing skills while showing her unshaved armpits. But despite the boldness Gigi is carrying, people are talking about her body hair.

Model Gigi Hadid showed off her armpit hair in skimpy gym wear for a calendar, but not all fans appreciated her ‘au naturel’ look.

In the clip released by a magazine on Monday, the 22-year-old was seen in a skimpy lycra two-piece as she showed off her boxing moves. But she also showed that she had perhaps eased up on her grooming routine, reports

Rather than mentioning the powerful imagery, fans flocked to Instagram to discuss her body hair.

One wrote: “Does she have hair in her armpits?”, while another set of fans defended her, writing: ‘Yes Gigi Yes!’

Others insisted they had been “distracted” by the look.

Hadid shared a statement as the video was released, writing: “I love seeing everyone else’s videos. It’s celebratory of epic human beings and always pushes boundaries. The fashion circle is a family, so the Love Advent kind of feels like a Holiday Year Book in a way.”

Earlier, global icon Priyanka Chopra found herself at the centre of discussion when her cover photo on a popular magazine had her armpits ‘photoshopped’. In the picture, her armpits looked smoother than a human being can ever have. She was bashed for promoting unrealistic beauty standards among her fans. Now, Gigi Hadid is trolled for spreading some reality about a woman’s body. Irony, you’re such a cruel mistress!

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