No matter how talented or smart you maybe, you need to be exceptionally lucky to find a good partner and a good boss. We all dream of working for a sane, sensible boss who believes in you, pushes you off the limits and helps you grow in your career. But most often than not, having a logical boss is like spotting a UFO; everyone talks about it, but no sight of it yet! Jokes apart, every job profile is different and so are the bosses. Some bosses encourage you, some snub you, some are confused while some help you to do better, but either ways, you learn a thing or two from each type of boss.

We got a list of all the potential kinds of bosses we all have crossed paths with.

#1: The Stupid One

Logic and this kind of boss are miles away and you just feel like asking them this.

#2: The One With The Dead Poker Face

No matter how mighty impressive your presentation was, how you worked your a** off for that client, and how you nearly had a nightout at office on a Saturday evening, still, you can never make him/her happy. 0 appreciation; 0 expression!

#3: The One Who Never Lets You Work.

Right at the time when you are working seriously, they have the urge to share the most intricate details with you, something like how amazing their weekend went.

#4: The Relentless Sadist

They are on a mission to make your life miserable. Because he/she is constantly finding ways to make you work late, come early; basically do anything that is inconvenient for you!

#5: The One Who Nearly Molests You.

They haven’t heard of creepy touching, hence this.

#6: The Earnest Hater

Every time they see you, this happens and you will never understand why they hate you so much!

#7: This Boss Who Has Run Out Of Excuses To Shout!

They will never have a good enough reason to shout, so they make do with this.

#8: This Boss Who Just Forgets You Just Have 2 Hands!

And in the end…

#9: The Chilled Out One And Yes He Exists!!

He’s the best one out there. He doesn’t care what you are wearing, what time you walked in or left, all he cares about is the work assigned to you gets complete.

But you know, no matter the kind of boss you have, this matters! Right? 

Cover Image Courtesy: Facebook