Do it yourself popularly called DIY misses like a great idea to experiment and enhance various skills. There are many websites and articles that show how easy it is to bake, cook, draw, create, and decorate and what not, but reality is always light-years away from what you see.

Does it sound hard to believe? Ask those who have tried some DIY ideas and the kind of results they might have got. Study shows that about 98% people fail in recreating the exact thing that DIY tutorial shows (By the way, this figure is completely made up). Anyway, the point is if you think of making something that you have seen on TV or internet, chances are you might fail terribly.

How terrible? You want to know then here are some people who tried and this is what they got:

Cake gone terrifying.

Is that even edible?

Still cute!

Evil Minion.

Nailed it, totally!

That expression!

Kind of they made it.

At least, she tried.

No comments.

The real cookie monsters.

So, next time think before you try.