Mumbai Police not just rules the law enforcement world but are undisputable Kings on Twitter. They have outdone everyone when it comes to posting creative tweets that not only crack you up but also send out a message to the citizens. We bet there is not a single boring day in the life of a person who follows Mumbai Police Twitter account. These dude cops are the ‘coolest cats’, as said by Executive Chairman of Mahindra Group, Anand Mahindra, and they definitely know how to keep the criminals on their toes.

Just recently, Mumbai Police posted a tweet alarming criminals to beware because they have their eyes on you with a GIF of a cat. They wrote, “We have our eyes on you! #BewareCriminals.” The tweet caught Anand Mahindra’s attention and he replied, “These @MumbaiPolice dudes are the coolest cats in the law enforcement world..!” Well, we can’t agree more!

Here are more hilarious tweets from the Wonder Cats that will surely tickle your funny bone. Read now!

You thought you were the coolest? Well, you have a competition now because Mumbai Police is nailing it like Kings.