A girl may have the best partner and an understanding family, but there will be no one quite special to her than her girlfriends. Because your girlfriends know you in an out. From the (un) charming confessions and dark secrets to gossips and relationship issues, they know it all. And then, they have been a witness to the good, bad and ugly. And, the best part is, no matter how ridiculous and weird you or your ideas may be, your girlfriends will never judge you. Something like Sex And The City and F.R.I.E.N.D.S, every girl has this perfectly concocted crazy bunch of girlfriends who are uniquely wicked as hell. Some are fun, some are ridiculous, some are weird, and some are impossible, but you know together, you can conquer the world!

So, we jotted down the type of girlfriends every woman has got!

The Hyperventilating Machine Who Never Says No

Though they are cute in their own way, but they can’t help but all pepped about things in general. So, whether it’s about planning a trip to just hanging out at the bar, they are just up for anything!

The Die-Hard Romantic

Despite us breathing in the 21st century, this particular girlfriend loves the classic dating game and is just obsessed with the idea of falling in love. All mush, much wow!

The Boss

You owe her big time, because she takes care of everything whenever you have a plan to meet up. In fact, she is the one responsible for ensuring everyone comes together at the same time, at the same place without any fuss.

The Perpetually Scared One

Oh, poor soul, this one is perpetually confused and sh*t freaked out. Whenever you guys try to be a little adventurous with your plan, boom, she will come up with anything and everything that can possibly go wrong with it.

The Disastrous Time Traveller

You share a love-hate relationship with this type of girlfriend. She is the reason why you always miss the beginning of a movie or a concert. Because, despite planning weeks in advance, she can never be on time to save her a**. Like ever!

The Powerpuff Girl

With her around, nothing can harm you guys. May the force be with her!

The Tomboy

It’s an absolute pain in the arse when you try to get her all dolled up for a party. Did you say make-up? Let’s not even get there lol!

The Diva

She’s the eye candy at every party! No matter what of the day or night it maybe, she just manages to look like a diva all the time.

The Serial Cuss Word Specialist

Happy, sad or annoyed, you just can’t make out the matter with this one.

Sweet Child Of The Group

She’s so sweet, quiet and well-behaved that most of the times, you don’t even realise her presence!

Cheers to the girl power!