2, 12, 18, 32!! Be it short or long, flight timings can single-handedly kill people without any hard work. Once you collect your boarding pass there is no escape. No matter how long the wait for the destination is or how delayed the flight is, your steps are limited inside a restricted area.

The best, at the airport or in-flight, everyone is equal and display same set of behaviours and preferences. Here are the top 10 in-flight habits that are common and annoying:

1. Pray For Good Company:

Praying and finding some eye candy within the peripheral vision is the foremost agenda for all. In fact, many of us also pray for some cute girl or good looking guy to sit on the next seat. The distant dream is to hope for some kind of conversation to start which by the end may lead to their phone numbers.

2. No Babies Within Earshot:

No matter what you do in-flight listening to music, watching movie, reading, working on laptop, or simply napping; you do not want any baby crying within your earshot. In fact, no baby on board is a dream come true for all.

3. Annoy In-Flight Service:

The problem is not people; the problem is the positioning of the button to call for in-flight service, it is right above the head within easy reach making it hard not to press it multiple times. No matter how annoying it is for the flight attendants.

4. Hunt For A Sweet Spot In Limited Posterior Area:

The airplane seats are designed to accommodate comfortable seating, but puh-leeze we are innovators and we know what we want. So, if we wanna nap we will make sure that we adjust our position and seat (back and forth again and again) the way we want, no matter how discomforting it is for the person sitting next to us.

5. Stare Game On:

If nothing else is more interesting than challenge someone to stare-till-dare game. Lock the target first and keep on staring till your target notices and retaliate with same intensity stare.

6. Guess The Brand Game:

Rolex? Yeh right! Chanel? Has to be fake. Zara!! Can be, but seems like from old collection, I have better.

7. Introspection:

Looking out of the window, towards the open sky, everyone goes into their introspection mode. What is life? What is happening with my life? Am I there were I should be? Is this the job I want to do? What is my passion? What am I born to do?

8. Selfie Marathon:

Yes, the area is too limited to pose, the lighting is not all that good, and much cropping has to be done to cut out wide areas at the background; but still no amount of hardship can stop us from taking selfies.

9. Peeking Through Seats:

This one is not intentional and many of us do not even know what we exactly are expecting while peeking through seats. Some rare sight, some vital info, some unknown treasure; who cares as long as it is not boring.

10. 8 hours/3 hours/4 days?! Landing time SOMEBODY!?!

Are we there? Are we there, yet? What was the landing time? Are we landing on schedule time? Can someone give me real time information?

Thank you for flying with us. It was a pleasure exchanging this information with you; we hope you enjoyed this in-flight experience. Hope to see you soon.