Fingerprint scanners are used to identify a person based on the acquisition and recognition of fingerprint images and compare them with pre-scanned images present in the database. A fingerprint is the key means of personal identification and verification due to its uniqueness. Thus, fingerprint scanning has become prevalent in today’s time due to its trustworthiness and ease of use. The application of these scanners can be for fingerprint access control and fingerprint door lock. From high-security organizations to intelligence bureaus, from hotels to gyms, from shops to houses, fingerprint scanning helps in providing security and control access in every walk of life.

A popular use of fingerprint scanning devices is in gyms and fitness centres and slowly everyone is doing away with pen and papers for membership. One does not have to remember to carry his/her membership card or keys to the gym. Losing a membership card can no longer be used as an excuse for not going to the gym. A fingerprint door lock in the gym can prove to be quite beneficial for the gym, as then the place can stay open for 24 hours, and people can come and work out any time of the day or night, even when the staff is not present.

Most gym and fitness centres that have started using USB fingerprint scanner and feel that this makes it easy to verify the members and at the same time, this change can also help the environment by reducing the use of pen and paper. Every member is required to place his/her finger on the USB fingerprint scanner and then enter a 10-digit code. The fingerprint scan and the correct code together can allow access to the centre. This biometric concept of access control just takes a minute and would appeal to the gym members, especially when they don’t want to waste time by filling long forms or carry a card all the time. Fingerprint access control for lockers in gyms; provide the facility to members to keep their belongings safe.

Fingerprint scanners give the feasibility of attendance. In gyms, usually, a member is required to show his/her members’ card at the receptionist and wait while the card is being checked for active membership but using fingerprint scanning devices to verify memberships can make the whole process trouble-free and help save time. This concept will also prevent unauthorized access to gyms and fitness centres.

Featured Image: Bayometric
Source by Hudson A Kate