At 9 years, most young girls should probably be playing with dolls or enjoying countryside picnics with her folks, but this fine little girl from Selinsgrove, Pennsylvania was all up for some realistic goals in her life. Here is the story of Hilde Lysiak who is already a local crime reporter and runs her own monthly newspaper named Orange Street News.

The young journalist set up her own website when she was just 7 years old. Her idea was to keep her neighborhood well-informed about the crime and other happenings.

True to her words, she was able to prove this when she investigated a murder that occurred a few blocks away from where she stayed on April 2. And not just investigating, Hilde even made it to the crime spot way before her competitors. And to top it all, Hilde’s account of the crime turned out to be authentic in every bit. She spoke to the neighbors and even double checked with the police before reporting it on her website.

Even though many alleged adults have raised concern over this 9-year-old’s choice of work and her parents’ approval in it, but Hilde and her parents are unaffected. Quite often, her Facebook page is bombarded with not-so-pleasant comments, but nothing is stopping this aspiring young journalist. Isn’t that a spectacle beyond her age?

Good work Hilde. We are glad you will be among the new breed of journalists the world will soon see.

Here is Hilde’s complete website.

Cover Image Source: Facebook