There are many different moments in life that call for the donning of formal attire and getting really dressed up to impress. Such formal events can certainly offer a grand time for you and the date that companies are you to such lofty affairs. However, the way that you dress, and the accessories that you choose to wear with your formal outfits, like designer handbags, can also leave a lasting impression upon those whom you engage with in conversation during the attendance of such auspicious events.

For sure, any woman who is planning on making an RSVP to a formal event is going to want to look and feel their best when they are present there. One staple to any formal dress or outfit that you can choose to wear are designer handbags. To better aid you in your selection of such sassy bags, here are some great tips on different handbags that can really compliment any outfit-and that can easily make you the stunning, classy star of such events.

An Abbey Bag for the Super Formal Occasions

A very popular designer handbag for formal events is the Abbey Bag. This sheen bag is sure to open eyes and drop jaws as you meet, greet and socialize. Perhaps the fact that this handbag is adorned with gold Swarovski crystals, and also features a push-lock in gold-toned clasp is but a few of the reasons to choose such a grand designer handbag. Of course, you can rest assured when matching a great dress or gown to this bag that you will be the talk of the town. This bag can also be used using the strap, or it can also be used as an eye-grabbing clutch.

The Eve Bag for Semi-Formal and Nature-Themed Occasions

Perhaps you have received an invitation to attend a fundraising event for a green charity or organization, and the attire is formal. You can easily fit the theme of such events with a classy and sexy designer handbag like the Eve Bag. The couture of this bag is impressive, encrusted and adorned with fine Swarovski crystals, as well as a gorgeous vine with leaves – also made from green Swarovski crystals – that decorates the sides of the bag. The metallic leather lining on the interior assures that this bag will last for years to come. You can also opt to use this dazzling bag as a clutch, or attach the shoulder strap for a different look.

Kiera Bags for Yacht Parties and Tropical-Themed Events

Another popular trend that is very proactive with formal events these days is yacht parties and tropical or beach-themed events. You can easily fit the bill of the theme by opting for a high-class handbag such as the decadent Kiera Bag. Adorned with an eye-catching swirl of gorgeous and bluish Swarovski crystals, and lined with long-lasting and durable metallic silver-this bag is certain to make you the star of the evening, whether you decide to shoulder it, or being even coyer by using it as a lavish clutch.

The Ebony Bag is Tried and True

An ebony bag is near ideal for any formal event. The sexy black crystals that are encrusted all over this handbag offer a sheen and sparkle that is sure to draw stares and eyes your way when in attendance at any formal event. Smaller and luxurious Swarovski crystals encircle the clasp, adding even more decadence to this designer handbag. Even better, you can use it as a clutch or a shouldered bag-but that’s up to you and your tastes.

Lola Bags Can be Ideal for New Year’s Eve Parties

There are countless formal New Year’s Eve events that take place all over the world, and if you really want to shine during the final countdown the Lola Bag has you covered. This gorgeous handbag is just covered with aqua, pink and bronze crystals that surround the entire exterior, complimenting the lavish Swarovski crystals that cover the entire bag. The flashy, almost star-like pattern of the colored crystals really fit the New Year bill eloquently-and you can opt to shoulder this bag or clutch it, as desired.

The Lisa Bag is a Fashionista’s Dream Come True

Sometimes there are rare designer handbags that just can work perfect for any formal setting or event; as well as upping out settings. While this is very rare, indeed it is bags like the Lisa Bag that easily fit this bill. Covered in amazing and stunning, dazzling silver Swarovski crystals, this bag is sure to match nearly any dress or outfit that you may have in your closet, not forgetting about the shoes, of course. The ability to use this metallic silver leather lined bag as a purse with the shoulder strap or a clutch, adds even more to its candid and appeal-and can easily make you the best dressed gal. No matter the occasion or event that you are planning on attending.

Source by Richard Sandersonn