While reading the title, you might be wondering if we were indicating the trailer of a new Spiderman film or maybe an alien attack; be assured that’s not the case. The video in question is a CCTV footage of a busy junction in China’s southern Hebei province which shows a minivan and cars approaching a red light and out of the blue, stopping, levitating and then crashing on the ground!

The jaw dropping stuff captured looks insanely shocking and so has given rise to various conspiracy theories in the last few days. Though the mystery behind this bizarre levitating incident looks creepy as well supernatural, the video’s description (smartly played) sort of satiated our curiosity to some extent.

The description about levitating cars says – “In general there were 4 theories:

1. The correct one and the most plausible, that the vehicles were lifted through air by a loose cable (You can find this in the last sentence of the video description);

2. It was a movie set (still plausible);

3. Powerful wind gust (unlikely);

4. Powerful magnets (absurd, but some users still suggested as a possibility).

Take a look.

Video courtesy: RawVideoNews

Which one do you think makes sense?