There are special techniques in Feng Shui that can be utilized to enhance the relationship, love and marriage luck of a person. It has been tested and proven effective in enhancing love life of a person. Nevertheless, need to take note that even though Feng Shui tips for love technique can be very effective in attracting love, it can not guarantee it will be forever. Your own effort is another important factor for everlasting love relationships.

What exactly is Feng Shui if you still unclear about this subject? It is a well known ancient Chinese metaphysics that research and analyze the Qi also known as the cosmic energy in our living environment that influences someone luck in a person life. The influences can be in the form of your wealth and prosperity, relationship as well as your health and well-being.

There are various schools of Feng Shui that usually composes a certain technique and methodology in enhancing the relationship luck. There is one popular system which is simple but effective in enhancing love, relationship and marriage luck. This system is Feng Shui Eight Mansions system or in Chinese, it is known as Ba Zhai. This system has been in existence for around 1200 years.

This technique works with the belief that everyone has their own favourites as well as unfavourable directions due to the effect of the location and directional energies that exist during when a person was born. The favourable, as well as unfavourable directions, will have an effect in our fortune. Our life could have enhanced if we sleep and sit according to our favourable directions.

How do we use this simple technique and change the romance and relationship luck? The first step is to find out your Gua number. Gua number is a number that calculated according to your birth date and gender. There are altogether eight numbers that categorize into the East Group and West Group. Once Gua number has been identified, the next step is to determine your preferred direction. This will be the direction to enhance your relationship luck. This relationship luck direction is also known as “Yan Nian” direction.

Look at below Gua numbers and the relationship directions you should be tapping into:

  • Gua 1, the relationship direction is direction of South.
  • Gua 2, the relationship direction is direction of Northwest.
  • Gua 3, the relationship direction is direction of Southeast.
  • Gua 4, the relationship direction is direction of East.
  • Gua 6, the relationship direction is direction of Southwest.
  • Gua 7, the relationship direction is direction of Northeast.
  • Gua 8, the relationship direction is direction of West.
  • Gua 9, the relationship direction is direction of North.

Look at this example for clearer understanding. A person who was born in the Year 1981 and gender is male, the Gua number is 1. The personal relationship direction is South direction. If it is female, the Gua number is 8. This means that the personal relationship direction is west direction.

After the Gua number has been determined and the relationship direction has been identified, how do we apply the formula using this piece of information? The application required actions and it is pretty simple. The relationship luck can be enhanced by checking your bed and desk facing direction. The bed is referring to your bed head direction when you are sleeping. Sleep with your head facing your relationship luck direction. This is known as the Feng Shui for love bedroom method in tapping the relationship luck energies.

Same goes with your desk position. Re-arrange your desk so that when you are in sitting position, you are facing your relationship luck direction. This is another way of tapping into relationship luck energies.

It is the pretty simple system but effective. You probably have tried using other ways in improving and enhancing your relationship luck but not getting the satisfying results, why not you give a try to this Feng Shui tips for love ancient technique that has been tested through time. You will amaze and see the results in a couple of months on how Feng Shui can change your love life.

Source by Aaron Lee K