Identical twin brothers getting married to twin sisters sounds like a perfect plot for a movie or a TV serial. But, in reality, this is not less than a nightmare because of the daily confusions and chaos that the couple has to face.

Ironically, for Zhao Xin and his twin brother Zhao Xun and their twin wives Yun Fei and Yun Yang, this has become a reality that they have to deal on a daily basis. It has been such a confusing state for both the couples residing in Yuncheng City of north China that the brothers have decided to undergo a minor cosmetic surgery so that people can tell them apart.

The identical twins took this decision when one of the brothers realised that he is holding the hand of his sister-in-law and not his wife while going for a walk in the evening after dinner. After this incident, the 22-year-old brothers decided to go for a minor surgery which is somewhat a taboo in China.

As a matter of fact, friends and family including their wives have told the brothers multiple times that it is ‘hard to tell them apart’ as per a report in Metro UK. Also, the couples got married on the same day and the parents had to check multiple times that the marriages are taking place among the right grooms and brides.

The cosmetic surgery will be done by a local hospital where minor changes in their appearance will be done so that people can distinguish between the identical twin brothers.

Story Inputs: Metro UK

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