There are a lot of things you can do to have a good host and make your guests stay more enjoyable. When you’re looking at your role as a host you want to consider the sleeping arrangements and how you will keep them entertained.

While a lot of people feel it’s ideal to have a guest room for your visitors to stay in, unless you have a constant run of people staying the night this can be a real waste of space. This takes up a whole room of your home that’s likely only used a few times a year. As a good alternative you can get a nice inflatable air mattress that folds down once your guests have left and gives you that space to use for other things the rest of the time when your home is free of visitors. Square footage is precious, do not let it go to waste. There are a lot of updated air mattress options out there today in all price ranges (there are ten dollar options and ones that are a thousand thousand dollars, so it’s really all over) and they all have different comfort features – like raised beds, flocked tops, and a mix of other possibilities, so you can find one that works for you.

So once you have them at your home and a comfortable sleeping arrangement set up, how do you go about entertaining an out of town guest overnight? Well, if you know your visitors well, you’ll hopefully have some ideas of things that like to do and that you like to do together, but if not, you can still offer them a few options and see what they’d like to do. You can offer to watch a movie with them, or play some board games with them, in your home. If the weather is nice you can offer to have a campfire in the backyard. You can offer them drinks and music. If you’d prefer to go out, you can have a couple of predetermined options on hand – such as restaurants, movie theaters, plays, museums, etc that you might go with them to.

To be a good host, you mostly want to offer your guest options and see which way they’d like to go. Be accommodating and flexible, with some ideas on hand, and things should go smoothly for you.

Source by Jennifer Quilter