Due to what has been taking place in Hollywood recently, a lot has been said about the people who were involved. It has not stopped there, though, as there are also people who have taken a completely different approach.

One Focus

When this happens, someone can say that this shows what men are like and how destructive their sexual nature is. And if someone was to say this, there is a strong chance that they will describe themselves as a “feminist”.

This could mean that they are a woman, but then again, this could something that a man will come out with. If this is a man, he could see himself as someone who cares about women; whereas there are going to be others who say that this person does not feel comfortable in their own skin.

Sexism and Misandry

The actions of a few men are going to be seen as a reflection of what all men are like, and this person is then going to give all the reasons as to why this is the case. It is highly likely that this person will lean to the left side of the political spectrum.

The irony is that someone like this is likely to talk about how bad sexism is and yet, they will fail to see how their behavior is a textbook example of what it means to be a sexist. With this in mind, this is also the perfect example of someone who lacks self-awareness and the ability to reflect.

The Pot Calling The Kettle Black

In addition to what someone like this will say about sexism, they are bound to talk about misogyny and internalised misogyny. But while this is on their mind, they are clearly oblivious to their own misandry and internalised misandry.

The fact that people are allowed to have these kinds of views printed in the mainstream media shows how men are not given the same amount of respect as women. If someone wrote an article saying that all women are bad and that their sexuality is destructive, would it be printed?

No Chance

However, when someone says the same thing about men, there appears to be absolutely no resistance. Taking this into account, one has to wonder if the people who say that sexism is a bad thing really believe this.

Based on how these types of people behave, it creates the impression that they believe that sexism is only bad when it is against one gender. What this would then show is that they only have a problem with discrimination when it is against women, not men.

Total Hypocrisy

On the surface, then, they can create the impression that they are moral human beings who care about social justice, when in reality they are immoral and only care about their own interests. The mask that someone like this presents to the world is going to be nothing like who they really like.

Ultimately, when someone says that the actions of the few represent the many, it is an example of what takes place where they do not use their brain. It is a form of black and white thinking, and does not require any effort whatever.

The Problem

It could be said that the reason why men can be bashed in this way is because of how they have been portrayed for so long. Along with this, men are often seen as being ‘privileged’ and having all the power.

As a result of this, it is easy for someone to treat men badly and then for them to believe that their behavior was justified. This is similar to how someone can steal something from someone who has a lot of money and not feel bad about it.

Ideologically Blind

But even though this person has a lot of money, one is still taking something that does not belong to them. So, if men have it so easy, it is only fair that they are bought down to size.

Therefore, the idea that these people have of men makes it impossible for them to realize that not all men are the same. And while men can be in destructive ways, so can women; This is not something that is limited to one gender.


One way of looking at this would be to say that if a woman has issues when it comes to men or if a man has issues when it comes to his own gender, there is no reason for them to seek help. The only thing that they need to do is join a collectivist movement and to project their issues onto others.

What has happened in their life is then not their responsibility; it is simply of reflection of what all men are like. Perhaps someone like this has got some kind of personality disorder, who knows.

All Men Are the Same

When it comes to the kind of experiences that someone has in life, they are not simply observers of what has taken place. Considering this, if a woman is used to coming into contact with men who are abusive, for instance, it does not prove that all men are the same – what it is likely to show is that she has the tendency to attract abusive men

It will then be essential for her to look into what is taking place within her as this will allow her to realize why she is drawn to these kinds of men. Perhaps she had an abusive childhood, which would have caused her to feel comfortable with this type of behavior.


It is far easier for someone to blame other people for what is going on in their life than it is for them to look in the mirror and to look into what part they are playing in what keeps showing up. Instead of changing their own life by taking responsibility, they will try to change their life by controlling others.

If one really wants to make a difference in the world and does not just want to control other people, one of the best things that they can do will be to own their own pain and then to work through this pain. This can take place with the assistance of a therapist or a healer.

Source by Oliver JR Cooper