Have you ever wondered why you can go to a warehouse type shoe store and pay no more than $ 25.00 for a pair of shoes and a similar looking shoe sold at a high-end department store can sell for no less than $ 75.00? Have you ever priced Jimmy Choos? They can range from $ 95.00 to $ 595 +. There are a few reasons for this disparity.

o Materials used
o Process of adhering upper to the sole
o Where a shoe is made
o Mass production vs. hand-made
o Designer

Cheap Shoes

Cheap shoes, often mass produced in China, are commonly made of plastic. An advantage is that plastic is very inexpensive. The downside is that plastic does not breathe and wearers often complain of foot odour. The process of adhering the upper portion of the shoe to the sole is by using glue. You will not have to wear that shoe but 30 times before it starts talking to you because over time the glue loses its adhesive quality.

Expensive Shoes

For many years Italy cornered the market on well-made leather shoes. It was a given that if you saw, “Made in Italy” it was synonymous with quality, durability, was not massed produced and likely made by hand. And your pocketbook reflected this. Nowadays if your shoe is made in Spain, Brazil, Germany, France, or the United States, it will be of equal quality to an Italian made shoe of yesteryear.

Although vegetarians may disagree, leather is still the best material for affordable shoes. Leather breathes, it’s malleable, meaning that it forms to the shape of your foot over time. Often leather stitches are used to hand-sew the upper to the sole. This is going to be reflected in the cost of course.

However, your shoe will last for years. You may have to replace the sole a couple of times due to wear but if you polish them regularly, they’ll look as good in ten years as the day you bought them.

Jimmy Choos and Other Shoes Worn by the Rich and Famous

Hand-made, limited production, sometimes custom-made, they come in leather, snakeskin, alligator, etc. These shoes are the epitome of exclusivity and sexy and why celebrities cannot get enough of them. In her role as Carrie, on Sex In the City, Sarah-Jessica Parker made them a household name. Does not mean the average household can afford them though.

Featured Image: Sosandar
Source by Kenneth Poulsen