Megan Fox has not come out and admitted she regrets one of her tattoos, but it’s pretty safe to assume she is majorly regressing that Brian tattoo she has on her pelvic area. Megan and fiance, Austin Green have officially called off their engagement and have broken up. So it is pretty safe to say Megan is asking herself, “What was I thinking?”

This is a prefect example to every young woman and man out there. Just because you have been with someone for years and are committed to each other and plan to marry, things can still go wrong. So Megan is now left with a few choices, one get her Brian tattooed removed by laser tattoo removal or have it covered up with another tattoo. While the cost of the laser tattoo removal is no concern to Megan because she has the money to do so. She may opt to cover it up. However, if she decided to cover up that tattoo with a new tattoo it will have to be twice the size if not three times the size of the her current Brain tattoo to properly cover it up.

So take this as a lesson learned to anyone out there that wants to be over romantic and get a tattoo of a lover’s name. Simply do not do it. You honestly never know how things will turn out and you do not want to be left with a permanent reminded of that ill-fated relationship you want to leave in the past.

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Source by Ashley M Ford