While most of us are wondering if it’s safe to fly in today’s world or whether we want to jump the hoops just to catch a plane, celebrities are jet-setting around the globe stacking up on celebrity private jets.

Tony Blair enraged environmental groups when he said he was not about to give up long-haul flights. Even though the number of emissions that the airline shares to greenhouse gasses are very small environmentalists feel it as an important part of cutting out carbon emissions. While some of us may be thinking twice about whether we should fly for whatever reason the celebrities are jumping on their celebrity private jets.

Donatella Versace is so wealthy it’s almost impossible to comprehend and with that wealth comes a very luxurious celebrity jet for which going green means the colour choice for this seasons runway. Donatella will continue to enjoy those leather sofas and fine wine as he jet sets around the world.

Tom Cruise has been nicknamed “emissions impossible.” After all here is a man that takes celebrity private jets to heart owning three of his own. In fact, it’s been reported that he sent one of his private jets out to pick up some organic veggies. Must be nice!

John Travolta leaves the larges carbon footprint of any of the stars with his Boeing 707 parked on his front lawn beside his Lear and Gulfstream. No wonder he calls his home Jumbolair. He’s got more than 5000 hours logged as a pilot. Oh well, at least he was quick to help out with Hurricane Katrina.

Simon Cowell is a man that enjoys his lifestyle and is not about to apologize for fore it. He loves the champagne and there is a no smoking sign hanging on his face.

Phillip Green is a billionaire who owns more than 2,500 stores. He avoids the tax man by living in Monaco but has no problem contributing his share of carbon to the atmosphere travelling almost daily between London and Monaco in his Gulfstream. The irony is that Topshop a chain of stores he owns promotes the “highest environmental standards.” I guess what’s good for the gander is not always good for the goose.

Roman Abramovich governor of an eastern Russian province and even though his province might be struggling he certainly is not with daddy’s celebrity private jets which include a Boeing 767 that would normally seat 180 people. The renovation itself cost millions but wow! now you get enjoy giant plasma screens, beautiful mahogany and walnut furniture accented with real gold. This is really a jet for billionaires.

Michael O’Leary is the number one environmental enemy. He will proudly declare he intends to increase his carbon emissions by purchasing more celebrity private jets. He argues the airline only contributions 2% of the world’s carbon emissions and that there are larger fish to fly.

Celebrity private jets are not about to leave the skies soon, in fact, you are likely to find more of them rather than less regardless of concerns for the environment and carbon emissions. Heck if you’ve got it – use it – you only live once. And if you really want to get down to the environmental issues industry is where we might begin!

Featured Image: HistoryGarage
Source by Morten Hansen