While most people associate mobile homes and RVs with ordinary folks, it may come as a surprise to many that there are celebrities who also love them to travel by them. Recreational vehicles have been used by many a star from Hollywood to make their road trip a roaring success.

One Hollywood star who loves his RV so much that he has named it Canoe. This star is Mathew McConaughey. He has an Airstream trailer that is often seen parked along the Malibu coast as McConaughey catches some surf. He uses the trailer to travel around the country and is known to host press meets while on the road. In fact, McConaughey was awarded the Recreation Vehicle Industry Association Spirit of America Award in the year 2007.

Actress Drew Barrymore took a month-long vacation driving around the US in an RV sometime in 2009. In a television show, she claimed that it was one of the most interesting and entertaining experiences of her life despite some minor problems she faced while driving.

In 1993, when wildfires burned out many homes in Malibu, Sean Penn was unfortunate enough to lose his mansion. However, Penn took matters into his hand and got an Airstream Sovereign into his estate and lived in it for a few years until his mansion was rebuilt. Now that is showing your love for your mobile home!

Then there is the singer and actress Dolly Parton who travels around the US in an RV. Of course, she travels in style and luxury as the RV is equipped with a huge shower and vanity mirror. And, not to be outdone by anyone is Pamela Anderson, whose Airstream was equipped vibrating bed, a mirror ball and a pole.

Featured Image: AwazPost.com
Source by Kum Martin