Plenty of men are looking for ways to prolong sex. Sex is great, so who would not want to make it last as long as reasonable? I’ll provide you with a few ideas to consider. Plenty of foreplay and using a condom are some good ways to prolong sex.

Plenty of foreplay: You may be wondering what is up with this, well it is easy. If you do experience premature ejaculation, then this is one way to make sure your lover is pleased, and it can help you last longer as well. I’ll explain how this can help. Premature ejaculation can and does lower the physical pleasure that women experience during sex for obvious reasons. The shorter experience, the lower the chance is that she will climax. If, however, you include your hands, tongue, or whatever in the equation before intercourse, you can greatly extend the pleasure that your partner experiences. This will also make the entire sexual experience for your partner last longer, greatly lessening the chance that she will feel disappointed. Another benefit of this is if she gets you off with her hands or mouth before intercourse, you have a good chance of lasting longer when you do have intercourse. It is very common for men to last longer for their second climax, and is one of the ways to prolong sex.

Using a condom: Condoms have the benefit of slightly reducing the sensation that the man experiences during intercourse. This helps many men to last longer.

Engaging in plenty of foreplay before intercourse not only adds many ways to improve the overall sex experience for you and your partner, it can help prolong intercourse improving your performance. Also, using a condom will reduce the sensations you experience helping you last longer. Try these ways to prolong sex, your partner may thank you for it.

Featured Image: Lifehack

Source by Tony Ross