One of the most complicated relationships about which no one really talks about is the relationship between father and kids. This is one of those relationships where emotional conversations do not take place too often, and when it does there reveals a delightfully surprising side of dads and this father-son/daughter relationship. Unlike mothers, fathers usually have a tough exterior and also, they are not as good as our mothers to pick the right words or emotions while dealing with us. But so what? Our fathers are the first superhero of our life and we truly love them for howsoever they are (a mild Hitler or an awkward Chaplin).

They are the backbone of our life, but most of the time we do not acknowledge it or forget to appreciate their presence in our life. As a matter of fact, even our fathers forget to say things that are important and crucial for their sons and daughters. And, just because our fathers do not say these things does not mean you should not know about their feelings.

If you still don’t know what are the things that your father wants you to know, but won’t tell, then here are 6 of them.

#1. You Are Their Proudest Possession:

You keep on hearing this one from the mothers all the time and rarely from dad; in fact, many never die without hearing this from dad. Just because your father does not say this to you does not at all mean that he does not feel this way about you, your life choices, or your achievements. He is proud of you irrespective of what you did or what you haven’t done. You may not always find the greatest supported in him for the things you decide to do, but no matter what you do, he is always proud of you.

#2. There Are Times They Cried For You:

It is not that only mothers cry, even dads do cry, and I am not talking about crying at your wedding or something called happy crying. They cry for real and for the emotional stuff that you may find little awkward. Things like when you call him Dad for the first time, when going away for higher studies, your first job or the realisation that you grew up has the power to make your father cry. The only difference being a crying mommy is fine with the society, but a crying daddy is not, so he does this in private when nobody is noticing.

#3. They Worry For You More Than You Would Like To Believe:

Whether you are a son or a daughter, you dad worry about your wellbeing all the time and more than you would want to believe. You father may not be calling you as frequent as your mother does but they do care in their own way. They keep an eye on your friends, lifestyle, little details, and habits to know whether you are fine or not. Your dad keeps himself updated about your things, and you might be unaware of it.

#4. They Always Got Your Back, Always:

No matter how old you are, your dad has always got your back in all situations. Be it an academic failure, business setback, mid-life crisis, or any other trouble; your father will always be there to help you get through any difficult situation. Our dads know that they are our superheroes and he will never disappoint us when we need him.

#5. You Will Always Be Special Kid For Them:

For your father, you will always be the special one having tremendous potential. They may praise your siblings or the neighbourhood smart kid or someone else and may never praise you in front of you, but know this that he considers you special and someone with the huge potential to do great in life. It is difficult for your dad to speak about these things that sound emotional and that is why you will never hear this from your father. But, you must know that you are special even for your dad.

#6. They Love You, Unconditionally:

No, dads are not the ones who hugs you without special occasion or just gives a pat on your back or a kiss on your forehead to let you know how much they love you. They may not cook food for you, or dress you up, or clean you room, or for that matter do anything that makes you believe that he loves you, but deep down your father loves you unconditionally. If you have any doubt about this then please stop watching those crime TV shows right now.

Apart from this, there are many other things that your father may not tell you ever in his life, including where he has hidden a secret treasure and how many crushes he had when he was young. But, that does not mean that you should not know or understand how he feels about you. Indeed, the most beautiful part of any relationship is unspoken yet transparent truths.