The feelings that you get when you suspect your partner is cheating are one of the worst things you can experience. The feeling of despair, anger, sadness and just not knowing can lead to a many a sleepless night.

This article will highlight some of the easier to read signs of a cheating girlfriend and what you can do to get the answers you are looking for.

The Cell Phone …

The signs include:
* Receiving calls or messages all hours of the day.
* They always seem to have their phone on them or become very protective of it.
* They have stopped leaving it laying around

Cell phones are one of the easiest methods for a cheating girlfriend to keep their illicit affair going. Phones allow your partner to arrange meetings and flirt with their lover via text messages and saucy images.

The problems with cell phones are that they store data on texts and calls.

This is your advantage.

To see if your partner is going behind your back, you are going to have to get access to their phone or bill. Firstly you will need to note down the numbers you do not recognize that are being used frequently. Also, check the names that are listed in the other numbers. One of the best ways for a cheat to hide their tracks is to put bogus names against the cell number.For example your girlfriend my being hiding her lovers number under a females name. These need to be checked too.

Once you have got the data then you can start your investigation. Each number will need to be checked and the owner identified. The quickest solution is to use a reverse phone lookup service. They are quick, easy to use and reliably cheap.

if you have seen some of the signs of a cheating girlfriend then finding out who they have been in contact with is the best place to start.

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Source by Glen Howells