I Love You!!! These three letters holds the power to change the world and also the life of an individual. Well, this is one side of the story. The other side is the unrequited love and the worst side is an awkward response to someone’s proposal. Most of us have been through one of these phrases while uttering these words. Anyhow, love is love and any good, bad, or ugly experience is a lesson for a lifetime. Learning something from it and moving on is the true essence of living.

How one responds to I Love You is a prerogative of an individual but some sort of humane treatment is required as it involves someone’s feelings and vulnerability. But, mostly people are left in such an awestruck situation that responses often either becomes awesome or awful.

On Quora couple of people has shared their experience of worst response to I Love You and here is a list of couple of them.

The worst is no response!

Blank Stare

Who are you??

Well, don’t.

No you don’t. You only think you love me.

Really, that is sooo funny.

You deserve better.

Hi5! I Love Myself too!

I love you too, but….

Awwww…..But I love your BEST FRIEND.

Can you be more specific?

So, may be you have not faced the worst yet!!!

Story Inputs: Quora

Image Credit: Giphy.com