Terms like ‘love at first sight’, ‘I knew he/she was the one the moment I laid my eyes on him/her’, ‘I found my soulmate in him/her’ pretty common and often heard; but what exactly makes a person decide that out of all the people that exist in this world, this one particular person is that person whose face I won’t mind seeing every day for the rest of my life. In short, what makes a person decide that they want to marry their partner? In this fast moving world, we meet new interesting people almost on a daily basis, be it in person or through the internet, so in such a scenario how can anyone be sure of just one person when there is so much temptation?

Nevertheless, people have got married and are getting married, and for many singles, this is still a great mystery of the human brain. What exactly convinces a person that they are willing to share their life with another person? This query led me to Quora, the popular Q&A platform, where people share their knowledge and opinion about almost anything and everything. So, here are 5 rationale reasons shared by people about what made them take the plunge.

#1. Unconditional Acceptance:

One gentleman pointed out that the sole reason he married his wife is unconditional acceptance of all aspects of her personality. Be it her past, her habits, or her thought process and believes, this gentleman knew that he can accept everything related to her unconditionally and that made him marry her. This is a good reason to marry someone as it is hard to find anyone in this word whose behaviour do not annoy you at some point of time, so if you have someone whom you can accept unconditionally for anything and everything then it is a good sign that you have found the one.

#2. The Thought Of Offspring Seemed Exciting:

A lady shared that she realised he is the one when the thought of having kids with him did not scare her but made her excited. Though to reach this conclusion she took her own time but eventually she was convinced that this man will make a great father and that was the deciding factor for her.

#3. Strength Of Character:

Another male member of the Quora fraternity disclosed that it is his wife’s strength of character that convinced his heart that she is the one. This made him believe that for the rest of his life there is someone on whom he can depend on and she would be sharing the same values that he himself follows. This seems like a balancing factor of a successful marriage.

#4. If Not Him/Her Then No One:

The realisation that if not this person then no marriage at all, made one user take the plunge. Further, this Quora member wrote that this realisation was terrifying as well as exhilarating but ultimately deciding factor for her.

#5. No Reason To Say ‘NO’:

Another user wrote about what made his mother marry his father. After going out for around six weeks, his father proposed to his mother both in their late 20s. Though to all other previous marriage proposals by other men his mother had her reasons to say no to, but she failed to find a reason to say no to this proposal. And, she definitely does not regret saying ‘yes’.

From the answers in Quora, it is pretty clear that everyone has their own reasons to get married to their respective partners. However, one answer that kept on appearing more than once is love. Many members of this forum wrote that they were madly in love with their partner and that was more than enough to marry them. Fair enough!

If you have any one of these reasons or your own reason that makes your partner different than all other people that existed or exists in your life than you are ready to take the next big step of life.