Men and Texting

Texting is easy. For men, it means less chance of feeling the rejection. They get to plan what the say and think it out. Some men these days rarely use the phone. Sad but true. A lot of the women are adapting to this. You see women everywhere with their phones texting. In grocery stores, department stores, walking or heaven forbid, driving. It’s simply easier, less risky than a phone call. No one on the other end to tell you they are busy or it’s not a good time. Almost zero chance of rejection.

What a lot of women do not know is these men are in with the dating gurus. There are a lot of programs out there that teach what they call an online and texting game. It’s getting more and more common. In a couple of years, it’s going to be common knowledge for men that they can up their texting game and attract more women. When it comes to texting men, many of them are way ahead of you here.

The truth of the matter is these taught techniques actually do work on women. They teach men how to be witty, funny and they teach them tactics that will increase your attraction. When it comes to men and texting, they are harmlessly for the most part just trying to attract more women. You really can not blame them for that.

Now some of these programs teach some techniques that are not so nice. There is a tactic that guys use to get you to chase them. It’s sort of like cat and mouse. They just stop texting you for a few days after coming on strong. Think about it, it works more times than not. The woman is used to hearing from him, then he just stops. It’s human instinct to go after him.

Then when she initiates, he plays a few more games on her. If you are not familiar with these techniques, they can hit you blindsided. Her you are on a roller coaster ride and he is just trying to get your attention. Most times, he does.

So knowing these tactics are going to become more and more common, it’s fair to say you should, as a woman be prepared with a few tactics of your own to stay one step ahead. These guys are onto something, texting if done correctly, can increase attraction. So why not play the game with them and be better at it. If men are taking lessons to learn how to text women, then we need to be prepared. We need to learn how to text men in return.

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Featured Image: The Brunette Diaries
Source by Robin Cockrell